Happy birthday AliasLab: now 30 years old!

30 years of success in continuous expansion in order to optimize solutions, innovate the market and invent the future.

Point of reference in the field of ITC, AliasLab, this year celebrates its thirtieth birthday.

The experience gained over the years has meant that the company has become one of the main forerunners of the national, and in recent years, also international IT development. During these years, AliasLab has shown a particular interest and skill towards market developments, able to capture the changes in the needs of its customers and so able to offer products and services always at the forefront.

Founded in 1984 in Mantua, under the name of Alias ​​Sas, AliasLab began to operate as a software house, aimed at a clientele of small and medium-sized enterprises located in northern Italy (Lombardy and Triveneto in particular). Thus, participating in the widespread use of the personal computer (first Apple, then Olivetti and IBM) as a tool for business management. In the late 80’s, AliasLab seized the opportunity offered by the Unix operating system and its derivatives to broaden its customer base and product range, especially in the manufacturing sector. To take advantage of new business opportunities that were looming as a result of market trends, the members expanded the internal structure and stipulated agreements of technical and commercial collaboration with leading technology partners operating at the time.

In 1995, when the Italian market opened its doors to the world of the Internet, the telecommunications industry began to acquire low-cost consistency trade. At that time, Aliasnet Srl was founded. It was designed to develop and then spread the Internet availability to companies, leaving the more confusing “private” market. Aliasnet Srl began to operate as a franchising ISP provider on behalf of the National ITnet of Genoa and later to expand, as much as possible, its field of operation. It then acquired shares in companies operating in various regions of the peninsula or affiliated with companies dedicated to specific projects for the spread of connectivity at the national level. At the end of the last century the operational business teams were as follows: Alias, the leader of the group, performed the “traditional” function of job development with a “turnkey” modality. It also operated as broker of computer equipment on behalf of all the other companies of the group, in commercial partnership with Cisco, HP, Oracle, Informix, Ingres and Microsoft.

Aliasnet was configured to operate in the context of high-tech “special projects”, which served as a container of different investments of autonomous companies with offices in Milan, Rome and Triveneto. Today Aliasnet is the group holding company. 2000 was the year of change, thanks to agreements with the industrial group Sapio, based in Monza and national leader in the production of oxygen, Alias was transformed into a limited company under the name of Aliaslab SpA. Meanwhile, Aliasnet established a contract with MTN, the second mobile operator in the Republic of South Africa; this contract aimed at the implementation of a software solution to converge Internet and telecommunication and to solve the problem of web access authentication. In the year 2000 in Milan, AliasLab formed a division that specialized in the area of ​​web publishing. In 2002, another division based in Caserta, was dedicated to the implementation of projects aimed at public administration. In 2004, in Castelfranco Veneto (TV) another branch was opened as a web media agency, with its own autonomous data center. In 2005, a branch in Slovakia opened.

In 2007 AliasLab acquired control of Elaide Srl, founded in 1996, a leading company in the field of secure communications via the Internet, with particular expertise in the field of authentication, integrity and non-repudiation by employing digital signatures. Elaide’s markets of choice were both the corporate market and the PAC/PAL market. In 2009, the constitution of AliasLab Extramoenia Srl marked the beginning of AliaLab’s expansion in international markets; this growth continued in 2010, with the birth of AliasLab do Brasil.

AliasLab market today has turned to banking, insurance, healthcare and higher education, in addition to the already existing markets of certification authorities, government, telecommunications, and to large companies. Its technical expertise offers a full suite of services relating to: electronic signatures (digital, extended, massive and remote), mPayment solutions, strong authentication, secure data transfer, Pec and Fidelity&Proximity marketing. Building on its thirty years of experience, and careful always to seize new market opportunities, AliasLab invests today in the search for new solutions to meet even the most demanding expectations and offer cutting-edge technological solutions.

The ability to adapt itself to all the changes of a dynamic environment and to leverage existing technology, in order to improve the user experience of its customers, is the secret that promises to carry AliasLab for another three decades of excellence.