The AliasLab way to easily provide and receive information via SMS

Due to the increase of online transactions and technological advances of recent years, the need for getting safe and quick access to personal information and controlling sensitive data, such as in banking, has also grown proportionally. The mobile phone thus becomes the fastest, easiest and immediate personal tool to respond to this need.

The AliasLab Suggestion

AliasLab SMS Services, namely DeliveryInfo OnDemand and DeliveryInfo SMS allow you to get, quickly and securely, sensitive information on your mobile phone through an SMS or voice messages.


  • DeliveryInfo OnDemand
    The solution that allows users to send SMS text messages or TTS voice messages. The user can receive these messages via SMS or with a simple phone call to preset short phone numbers.
  • DeliveryInfo SMS
    Used to send large volumes of SMS, it handles the sending and receiving of SMS messages via Internet connection, without any infrastructure. DeliveryInfo SMS doesn’t need to be adapted to particular protocols of the SMS world.