Fuel your digital eIDAS transformation

At AliasLab we offer cutting-edge solutions to help prepare companies for the eIDAS digital transformation. In partnership with Thales, we offer solutions that meet the following requirements defined by eIDAS:

  • Security of data used in creating an electronic signature
  • Unique connection between the data used in creating an electronic signature creation and the signature itself
  • Protect the signature data against forgery
  • Protect the data used in creating an electronic signature against illegitimate use by others

Thales HSMs act as the root of trust for AliasLab’s IDSign Signature engine, allowing the creation and management of the cryptographic keys used to create electronic signatures. This enables us to provide secure products and services that meet the new eIDAS cross-border standards.

The digital transformation brought about by eIDAS is well underway, and many kinds of companies, public and private, in all sectors. And AliasLab is part of it.

IDSign’s Signature Engine, in conjunction with the use of Thales’ HSM as a cryptographic module for the generation and protection of the data used in creating a signature, comprise a compliant QSCD according to the A-SIT-VI-16-048 Conformity Certificate as a SSCD -Secure Signature Creation Device according to Art. 51 E-IDAS Regulation UE Nr. 910/2014 – Art. 3, Par.4 -Annex III D.E. 1993/93 / EC.

Thales – Thales e-Security is a leading global provider of data protection solutions with more than 40 years experience securing the world’s most sensitive information. Our customers—businesses, governments, and technology vendors with a broad range of challenges—use Thales products and services to improve the security of applications that rely on encryption and digital signatures. By protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information that flows through today’s traditional, virtualized, and cloud-based infrastructures, Thales is helping organizations reduce risk, demonstrate compliance, enhance agility, and pursue strategic goals with greater confidence.

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