Maximum safety through all your money transactions

 Over the past 10 years there has been a real evolution and revolution in the technology and digital fields. This evolution has changed our everyday habits even in purchasing, managing payments and transferring information.

In order to face these technological, cultural and regulatory innovations, the mCommerce, mPayment (remote and proximity) and P2P mode money transfer issues have become extremely topical.


IDPay is an innovative technology by AliasLab designed to operate mPayment transactions guaranteeing payment transactions in mobility and improving the user experience. The mobile phone is the key to providing different types of mPayment in a simple and safe modality. IDPay uses the mobile operator network allowing the user to perform mPayment/mCommerce/P2P operations.


  • IDPay Mobile
    The AliasLab solution operates as a front-end or Bank payment service provider for any kind of mPayment operations.
  • IDPay Wallet
    The branchless banking unit based on an electronic wallet allows both the exchange of money (electronic) between users (P2P) and the purchase of goods and services at merchants (B2C).