Digital, Qualified and Advanced Electronic Signatures. Different types, one solution AliasLab

Thanks to the European and national legal frameworks that define the different types of Electronic Signatures, their legal status and the resulting areas of application, together with the advancing of digital world, the use of the Electronic Signature has become increasingly essential in the areas of Enterprise (banking and insurance in particular) and the Public Administration.

The different types of signatures created to meet needs and facilitate the operations in the various fields of application differ in: Digital, Qualified and Advanced Electronic Signature.

Since the Electronic Signature debut, AliasLab has played a leading role in the international scene, interpreting these new technological and market.

Today AliasLab offers a unique solution in the international scene, able to handle all the different types of electronic signatures introduced by different international and national regulations. This solution is called IDSign.

What is IDSign?

It’s the suite that offers the widest range of products for the management of all types of Electronic Signatures.

In other words

IDSign Platform, together with its modules IDSign Remote and IDSign Biometric, allows you to create Digital, Qualified and Advanced Electronic Signatures perfectly fitting your needs.

In fact, IDSign Platform is the only solution available on the international market that allows you to manage and combine all kinds of Electronic Signature required by the International and local regulations without limits.

All products and solutions of the IDSign Suite guarantee:
  • integrity, ensuring that the document has not been tampered after the signing
  • authenticity, guaranteeing the identity of the signer
  • non repudiation, the author can not disown a signed document
  • legal status, the digitally signed electronic document has the same legal value as a paper document signed with a handwritten signature


  • IDSign Platform
    The only solution on the international market that allows you to manage and combine all kinds of Electronic Signature.
  • IDSign Biometric
    The “Biometric/Graphometric” Signature solution able to support all different types of Electronic Signature.
  • IDSign Pay
    Is the solution of AliasLab for Advanced Electronic Signature integrated with a payment instrument Chip&Pin.