The modular and flexible AliasLab PEC solution complies with the European and national legal frameworks


With the enactment for the use of certified electronic mail (PEC) imposed by DL 185/2008, companies, both private and public, have to deal with the new requirement of having to manage and govern the incoming and outgoing PEC traffic. But the standard solutions, typically web mail, made available by the PEC provider, may not be sufficient to meet all of a company’s needs.

PecOrchestrator, the ultimate AliasLab solution, is a modular platform for comprehensive management of incoming and outgoing PEC communications and boxes of any PEC domain on encrypted channels (SSL), in full compliance with applicable regulations. It provides control of security with a policy of authentication services and provides a range of features at various levels:

  • synchronous/asynchronous, single/massive send/receive mode
  • correlation between message sent and PEC notifications
  • progress and report outcomes
  • management boxes on any PEC domain
  • managing users and permissions for shared access
  • interface for integration with document management systems, management etc …
  • log of the operations of the referenced database
  • monitoring service

PecOrchestrator’s flexibility also ensures the realization of the necessary adjustments to account for possible changes in the intervening legislation.

AliasLab PecOrchestrator offers: 

  1. PEC WebMail unit (PEC web-based client). It offers all the functionality of a web mail, but is specially designed to be integrated with the PEC
  2. PEC Console unit for management and monitoring of bulk mailing boxes through web-based user interface
  3. PEC Services unit is the solution for those who need to integrate services offered by the platform into existing applications or for use in automated procedures