• No costs for infrastructure
  • Simplicity and speed in providing information services on-demand


The service can be used in outsourcing at a data center with SMSC connection to the main mobile operators without significant costs for the customer.

DeliveryInfo OnDemand

The answer to all your questions

What is it

The innovative solution for SMS services on-demand (Pull SMS).

The reason to use it

To create a direct link with customers/users sending information to the user’s GSM mobile phone on request.


For voice messages, DeliveryInfo OnDemand uses the IVR technology.


  • Mobile Phone

How it works

Using dedicated and easy to remember telephone numbers, the user can receive information directly from the database or website of the service. DeliveryInfo OnDemand can deliver the information with both SMS and TTS voice messages (Text to Speech).


Operation Mode

  1. The user calls a preset number with his mobile phone. The called number is associated with the service/information requested by the user
  2. DeliveryInfo OnDemand receives the call and identifies the MSISDN (unique ID number of the mobile user e.g. +39 335 91234567)
  3. DeliveryInfo OnDemand retrieves the requested information from a database or from a website and converts it to:
    1. SMS to be sent to the user’s phone
    2. TTS voice message

Example for service in banking

Reply with SMS:
  • Call 06-111-001 (for the bank balance)
  • Call 06-111-002 (for the last 5 transactions)
  • Call 06-111-003 (for the last transaction)

After the call, the user receives an SMS on his mobile phone. In this mode, the call can be dropped so it results entirely free to the caller.

Reply with voice message:

Call 06-111-000

  • Enter 1 for the balance
  • Enter 2 for the last 5 transactions
  • Enter 3 for the last transaction

Entering the desired number, the user receives the information requested vocalized by TTS (Text to Speech)


  • DeliveryInfo OnDemand
    The solution that allows users to send SMS text messages or TTS voice messages. The user can receive these messages via SMS or with a simple phone call to preset short phone numbers.
  • DeliveryInfo SMS
    Used to send large volumes of SMS, it handles the sending and receiving of SMS messages via Internet connection, without any infrastructure. DeliveryInfo SMS doesn’t need to be adapted to particular protocols of the SMS world.