• Easy implementation
  • Low overhead costs
  • SaaS Model
  • Simplified user experience

DeliveryInfo SMS

One SMS to all your contacts

What it is

The turnkey solution for handling bulk SMS.

The reason to use it

To create a direct link between company-customer using the SMS channel for the exchange of information/communications. With DeliveryInfo SMS you can send SMS to customers in a massive modality and/or receive communications from them via SMS.


Using any GSM carrier, it manages connections to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) of mobile operators.


With an Internet connection and a set of standard interfaces, you can send SMS without any infrastructure and without the need for adaptation to proprietary protocols of the SMS world.

Traffic Volumes

Made entirely in outsourcing at server farm, it allows you to develop SMS services in a convenient and simple way even in the case of low traffic volumes.

How it works

The application connects via IP to the DeliveryInfo platform, and using one of the available DeliveryInfo SMS protocols, transmits the content via SMS to all the target mobile phones. Similarly, DeliveryInfo SMS automatically forwards all text messages originated from the customers’ mobile phones to the application.

The control panel of DeliveryInfo SMS provides statistics and other information such as the state of the SMS, the connections to the SMSC of the operators and so on.


Available and usable protocols by remote applications

  • ADO
  • JDBC
  • Http/Https
  • Web services
  • FTP
  • SMTP


  • DeliveryInfo OnDemand
    The solution that allows users to send SMS text messages or TTS voice messages. The user can receive these messages via SMS or with a simple phone call to preset short phone numbers.
  • DeliveryInfo SMS
    Used to send large volumes of SMS, it handles the sending and receiving of SMS messages via Internet connection, without any infrastructure. DeliveryInfo SMS doesn’t need to be adapted to particular protocols of the SMS world.