• Maximum universality
    • Temporal (virtual branch 24/7/365)
    • Useful (any means of payment and any mobile phone: no app, no SIM toolkit)
    • Territorial (and anywhere with any mobile operator)
  • Highest levels of safety standard

IDPay Mobile

The mPayment solution right in your pocket

Accessibility and safety through your mobile phone

What it is

IDPay Mobile is the solution of mPayment, accessible and usable via your mobile phone to authenticate and authorize payments and money transfers.

What it is for

IDPay Mobile activates mPayment transactions in different ways: P2P, eCommerce, proximity mPayment in the absence of POS player, etc … guaranteeing the certain identity of the user.

How it works

It has a unique technology on the market that offers the most comprehensive and flexible approach to mobile payments. The phone turns into a simple “remote control” by which the identity of the user is strongly guaranteed (a component of Out-of-Band strong authentication). This “remote control” can also accompany the user in carrying out the transactions he needs through simple voice instructions, available during a call.

The AliasLab solution is also compatible with standard USSD telephone and the new NFC technology, offering high standards of security.


  • Mobile Phone
  • Internet connection (for some types of transaction like eCommerce)

Usage Area

  • Web for eCommerce
  • P2P for money transfer
  • Proximity payment in the absence of POS reader
  • Micro payments coverings (eg. Utilities, etc. …)
  • Cash withdrawal

Related Payment methods (one or more) 

  • Credit cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Prepaid Cards
  • Current accounts
  • Cash as eWallet top-up
  • Cash


  • IDPay Mobile
    The AliasLab solution operates as a front-end or Bank payment service provider for any kind of mPayment operations.
  • IDPay Wallet
    The branchless banking unit based on an electronic wallet allows both the exchange of money (electronic) between users (P2P) and the purchase of goods and services at merchants (B2C).