Main Web Front-End Features

  • Visualization & Navigation of the document to sign
  • Identification and Accent of Signature Fields
  • Acquisition of all signatures in all supported modes
  • «Automatic Signing Ceremony» that automatically suggest to the user all the necessary signatures (Click-to-Sign mode)
  • Wizard for signature and customizable acquisition
  • Fully customizable graphic layout and multilingual support
  • Acquisition management of all the attachments together with the signature of one or more documents, using features of web scanning / photos or upload files

Desktop Features

  • IDSign Platform provides a web front-end supported by the major browsers (Internet Explorer 7 +, Chrome, Firefox)
  • Centrally generated document to be signed is sent to IDSign Platform through an  S2S interaction (Server to Server)
  • Locally (on the client) generated document to be signed is sent to IDSign Platform through a virtual printer or a simple widget to upload
  • Tiny software footprint to be installed on the client for the platform usage

Tablet/Mobile Features

  • Provides App for greater usability of the system
  • Manage both remote and local documents from a single interface (simple and transparent to the user)
  • Ability to provide an SDK Mobile/Tablet App for integration with a third-party
  • Support for graphometric offline signature
  • Support for iOS devices, Android and Windows 8

FEA process example


IDSign Platform

The unique modular platform to manage any variety of Electronic Signature

IDSign Platform dramatically reduces the time of integration and implementation for the customer, supports all types of Electronic Signatures (Eg. Digital, Qualified and Advanced Electronic) and manages the process of eSigning in all its aspects.


  • Physical Branch: specific location with a desk operator (eg. bank teller)
  • Mobile Branch: mobile agent or teller in mobility
  • Virtual Branch: access via web sites or home banking user portal

“eSignature and Collaborative approach”: multiple signatures/signers, a single document 

IDSign Platform is the first to introduce the concept of “Collaborative Signature” allowing different signatures/signers at different times, in different places and with different ways to collaborate in the signing of a document.

Main Features

  • Centralized Hub for PDF signature process management
  • Highly Scalable and Modular System
  • Online and offline signature processes
  • Easy integration: can be applied at the end of any process or workflow that generates a PDF/A
  • Using OEM components (SoftPro) for acquisition and comparison of biometric data
  • Based on WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Framework
  • Simple integration with the most common Legal Digital Archiving platforms
  • Multiplatform support: Windows Desktop, Windows 8 / 8.1, iOS, Android


IDSign Platform is a modular solution consisting of the following main physical and logical components:

  • IDSign Platform Core
  • IDSign Platform PdfProcessor
  • IDSign Platform Connector/Dispatcher
  • IDSign Platform Web Front-End
  • IDSign Platform Biometric SW Engine
  • IDSign Platform Crypto Appliance
  • IDSign Platform Notification System

IDSign Platform Core
The signature Core module is the heart of the IDSign Platform system. It is a WCF Service Library, which contains all the logic to manage and orchestrate all of the functionality exposed through the web service.


IDSign Platform Pdf Processor
The module PdfProcessor is the module responsible for the PDF, XML-based configuration and preparation/interpretation.


IDSign Platform Connector/Dispatcher
The Connector/Dispatcher (CD) Module is an extensible module that allows IDSign Platform to interact with third-party systems, principally for recovery/saving documents to be signed.


IDSign Platform Web Front-End
The Web Front-End is a “Client” that uses Web services exposed by the Core module. IDSign Platform Web Front-End is therefore a ready example of how to take advantage of the functionality provided by the service.


IDSign Platform Biometric SW Engine
The SW Engine Biometric Module is responsible for the comparison of real-time biometric data acquired by signature against a previously filed specimen. This module is based on SoftPro software products SoftPro, a leader in the biometric software field and partner of AliasLab since 2013.


IDSign Platform Crypto Appliance
The Crypto Appliance Module is an appliance software that deals with digitally signed PDF documents, and in the case of processes of Advanced Electronic Signatures, it inserts encrypted “BLOB” into the document with data related to the signer, and interfaces with Certification Authority and/or HSM (Hardware Security Module).


IDSign Platform Notification System
The Form Notification System allows the system to synchronize all Clients to each other, allowing for a “near-real” time collaboration between different users in different locations.


  • IDSign Platform
    The only solution on the international market that allows you to manage and combine all kinds of Electronic Signature.
  • IDSign Biometric
    The “Biometric/Graphometric” Signature solution able to support all different types of Electronic Signature.
  • IDSign Pay
    Is the solution of AliasLab for Advanced Electronic Signature integrated with a payment instrument Chip&Pin.