User Benefits

  • Familiar user experience
  • High levels of real and perceived security
  • Quality of service
  • Green friendly
  •  From paper to Biometric Pad: the way of signing a document doesn’t change

Business Benefits

  • Savings
  • Essential part of paperless process
  • Greater efficiency in customer service
  • Availability of new services offered to end-users
  • Easy to escalate and integrate

Signature Pad

The “Signature Pad” is a graphic tablet (the same technology can be integrated in standard Tablet or notebook) with a stylus that can record not only the graphic image of the signature but also the “manner” in which the signature is done. The “Signature Pad” generates “graphometric data” formed by X + Y coordinates and the pressure on the screen over the time (measured at very short intervals).

From these data it is possible to reconstruct not only the graphic image but also the speed, acceleration, pace, and other variables typically used by the graphologists to recognize as authentic a handwritten signature. This information is specific to each person and, unlike the single image graphics are very difficult to imitate.

The following represents a summary of the technical features of the signature collection through PAD:


The graphometric data are managed in ISO/IEC (19794-7: 2007) format. While the encrypted graphometric data are merged in the document in the process of FEA; this document is simultaneously sealed by a digital signature, which ensures its immutability and authenticity.

IDSign Biometric

From paper to Biometric PAD, bit closer user experience

What is it

IDSign Biometric is a “Biometric/GraphometricSignature solution able to support all different types of Electronic Signature. IDSign uses a PAD/Tablet to acquire the subscriber’s biometric and graphometric parameters and link them, uniquely, with the document to be signed. These data can be used to unlock the remote certificates and associate the signature unambiguously to the signer.


It allows the user to perform an Electronic Signature via a “Biometric Signature Pad”; this particular tablet is used together with a special software for the management of biometric/graphometric data.

IDSign Biometric applies a traditional user experience (hand signature) to the world of digital subscription. It then allows to dematerialise their paper-based processes without changing the habits of its user.


IDSign Biometric allows the following electronic signing possibilities:

  1. Advanced Electronic Signature
  2. Qualified Digital Signature
  1. Advanced Electronic Signature with IDSign Biometric
  2. It collects the user’s signature and related graphometrics data with a specific hardware; these graphometric data, like the traditional signature on the paper, characterize the signature unambiguously. These graphomentric data are then encrypted and inserted within the electronic document to which the signature process it refers.

  3. Qualified Digital Signature with IDSign Biometric
  4. It collects the user’s signature and related graphometrics data in order to compare them with those of their “specimen” so to unlock the proper certificate that resides in a remote HSM and then performing a Qualified Digital Signature.

Both types of digital signature have legal validity.

Example of Advanced Electronic Signature process

  1. The user logs into the system and selects the document to be signed
  2. The client application, through the capture engine of IDSign Biometric collects the signatures of the customer using a digitizer or Signature Pad integrated in a tablet/slate.
  3. The acquisition engine of IDSign Biometric encodes the acquired signature(s) and returns them to the application client.
  4. The client application initiates the process of communicating all the acquired signature(s) in encrypted mode, and the document to be signed to IDSign Biometric (signature engine)
  5. IDSign Biometric uses a signing certificate to digitally sign the document and to insert the encrypted signatures within the document
  6. The signed document is made ​​available to the user

What for

IDSign Biometric is aimed to sign various types of documents, in digital format, at on-site customer service points (e.g. bank counters, stores) or in mobility on a promoter/agent tablet


  • Signature Pad” for biometric data acquisition
  • Tablet/Tablet PC (with integrated digitizer or “specialized” stylus)
  • HSM (in the case of Digital/Qualified signature)


  • IDSign Platform
    The only solution on the international market that allows you to manage and combine all kinds of Electronic Signature.
  • IDSign Biometric
    The “Biometric/Graphometric” Signature solution able to support all different types of Electronic Signature.
  • IDSign Pay
    Is the solution of AliasLab for Advanced Electronic Signature integrated with a payment instrument Chip&Pin.