User Benefits

  • Simplified signing and payment procedures
  • Two functions in one: signature and payment
  • Immediate user experience

Business Benefits

  • Support to dematerialisation process
  • It ensures the legal value of the document
  • It guarantees the identity of the signer
  • One device for payments and signature acquisition
  • Saving of time and money
  • Easily scalable and integrated architecture

IDSign Pay

The easy Pay & Sign process

What it is

IDSign Pay is the patent pending solution of AliasLab for Advanced Electronic Signature integrated with a payment instrument Chip&Pin. It guarantees the authenticity of the signature in all transactions involving a payment.


Touch-screen and pressure-sensitive displays are ideal to capture the customer’s signature in digital format, allowing one to “eliminate” all the paper aspects of this procedure: tickets and receipts that require the customer’s signature can now be “de-materialized”. The legal aspects and the authenticity of any type of contract and document are anyhow guaranteed. In addition, payment instruments such as POS or most advanced Light POS can also be used as a tool for signature.


  • Integration with POS with a display capable of capturing the graphometric traits of the user
  • One device for payments and signature acquisition
  • Using the method of payment as signature associated with a Graphometric/Independent or Biometric Signature.


IDSign Pay is indicated in all areas that require the simultaneous signature of a document and payment (e.g. Insurance contract).

Example of Advanced Electronic Signature process

  1. The user logs into the client and selects the document to be signed
  2. The client application, through the IDSign Pay layer of connection, interfaces with the POS by sending information about the payment transaction that has to be made
  3.  The user makes the payment through POS port with the credit card or debit card by entering his PIN
  4. The POS through the IDSign Pay layer of connection returns the encrypted data about the bank transaction to the client application
  5. The client application initiates the process of communicating the transaction encrypted data and the PDF to be signed to the signature component of IDSign Pay
  6. IDSign Pay uses a signing certificate to digitally sign the document and insert the transaction encrypted data within the document
  7. The signed document is made ​​available to the user


  • Light POS
  • POS Ingenico Isc Family
  • PC

Distinctive Features

IDSign Pay disrupts the paradigm of signature allowing the use of a payment instrument such as a POS, in conjunction with an electronic payment method with PIN (eg. ATM / CC) to sign a document. In other words, it is an instrument of signature and a Strong Authentication token. The details of the payment transaction are uniquely associated with the document to be signed and allow you to identify with certainty the signer. The data of the electronic transaction can be added to the graphometric/biometric data but can also be used alone.


  • IDSign Platform
    The only solution on the international market that allows you to manage and combine all kinds of Electronic Signature.
  • IDSign Biometric
    The “Biometric/Graphometric” Signature solution able to support all different types of Electronic Signature.
  • IDSign Pay
    Is the solution of AliasLab for Advanced Electronic Signature integrated with a payment instrument Chip&Pin.