User Benefits

  • Immediate user experience
  • Intuitive training
  • Independent from the mobile handset
  • Independent from the mobile carrier
  • Greater flexibility and mobility

Business Benefits

  • Low-cost integration
  • Interfacing by simple Web Services (SOA)
  • Simplified provisioning
  • No logistics costs
  • Compliant with sector laws and regulations  

IDSign Remote

Your mobile phone as a secure signature device

What it is

IDSign Remote is the AliasLab solution that uses the mobile phone (ie. GSM/UMTS/LTE communication chennel) as a device to enable various modalities of remote Electronic Signature.

IDSign Remote is an AliasLab patented solution.


IDSign Remote can be used in two ways:

  1. Qualified Digital Signature
  2. Advanced Electronic Signature

In both cases IDSign Remote is compliant with sector regulations.

  1. Qualified Digital Signature. IDSign Remote turns your mobile phone into a personal token which unlocks digital certificate’s private key securely stored into a remote HSM.
  2. Advanced Electronic Signature. IDSign Remote allows a Strong Authentication process via mobile phone, that identifies in a certain way the signer. The advanced electronic signature information – including the related calling data – are encrypted to create the so called “signature BLOB” uniquely related to the signer and signed document.

Example of Qualified Digital Signature process

  1. The user accesses the Customer Application and selects the document to be signed
  2. The Customer Application initiates the process of remote signature invoking IDSign Remote
  3. IDSign Remote returns a number to call and an OTP
  4. The number to call and the OTP code are displayed on the screen of the user’s PC
  5. The user calls the number that appears on the screen
  6. A connection with IDSign Remote is set
  7. IDSign Remote asks the user to enter the OTP and if required also the personal PIN
  8. IDSign Remote checks and/or forward the following:
    1. Caller’s ID (mobile number), if this number associated with the user profile of the signer is correct;
    2. The entered OTP that has to match the one associated with the particular transaction,
    3. The entered PIN that is sent to the Certification Authority for verification.
  9. The PIN entered allows the release of the personal certificate securely stored by the HSM
  10. Once the certificate is unlocked, the CA grants permission to digitally signature
  11. IDSign Remote completes the digital signing of the document
  12. The signed document can be eventually downloaded from the user’s PC
For each Advanced Electronic Signature operation, the information merged in the so called “Signature BLOB”  are:
  • Caller ID provided by the TLC intelligent network
  • OTP session entered via DTMF from mobile phone
  • Token identifier of the SecureCall transaction
  • Date and time of the call
  •  Hash of the PDF document to which the electronic signature refers to
  •  Identification of the individual signature fields of the signed document

How it works

The process of Remote Electronic Signature, which exploit the technology of the mobile phone call, is obtained through the combination of the following parameters:

  • SIM card to strongly authenticate the user
  • OTP (One Time Password) to specify the document to be signed
  • PIN to be sent via mobile phone (not always required)

IDSign Remote interfaces to the telephone network via SS7 and/or ISDN links. In particular, the connection via SS7 is a good match between the innovative mobile service and the security for sensitive transactions, ensuring maximum functionality and usability.

IDSign Remote can take advantage of pre-existing applications both locally and remotely using standard IP protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS and web services. 


It allows performing an Electronic Signature by making a simple call directly from your mobile phone, entering additional data like OTP, PIN, etc… via DTMF tones.

What for

The signing of various types of documents in digital format both via Web and Client installed on the signer’s PC.


  • PC + Mobile
  • Web + Network GSM / UMTS
  • HSM (for Qualified Digital Signature)

Distinctive Features

Strong user Authentication through mobile phone number (MSISDN associated to the SIM card); univocal Signature operation that uses a specific session OTP code, together with personal PIN via mobile phone, able to assure an exclusive control by the signer.


IDSign Remote has a modular and integrated architecture. It has a set of interfaces that make it an ideal solution for interoperability with any application whether it’d be internal or external to the company and in different operating environments.


  • IDSign Platform
    The only solution on the international market that allows you to manage and combine all kinds of Electronic Signature.
  • IDSign Biometric
    The “Biometric/Graphometric” Signature solution able to support all different types of Electronic Signature.
  • IDSign Pay
    Is the solution of AliasLab for Advanced Electronic Signature integrated with a payment instrument Chip&Pin.