• Ease of use
  • Easy integration with existing applications
  • Highly scalable
  • Modular


PEC WebMail unit (PEC web-based client). It offers all the functionality of a web mail, but is specially designed to be integrated with the PEC:

  • Sending a synchronous or asynchronous (batch) 
  • Profiling utilities (simple/advanced) to allow whether or not send massive dispatch
  • With the possibility of sending massive mail merge planning, and outcomes summary panel 
  • Address Book Management 
  • Customizing logo 

PEC Console unit. It is used for the management of mail boxes and for the monitoring of bulk mailings through web-based user interface. It offers a user interface in order to manage PEC and monitor the progress of bulk mailings by:

  • Enable/Disable PEC boxes
  • Monitoring and Report of massive mail dispatch 
  • Management utilities for shared boxes 

PEC Services unit. It is the solution for those who need to integrate services offered by the platform into existing applications, or for use in automated procedures. It shows services for the sending/receiving of messages and verification of the results of certified electronic mail boxes and the management of any domain PEC by:

  • Massive delivery of messages in asynchronous mode 
  • Status update of the dispatch in progress 
  • Message delivery
  • Activation and revocation of PEC


The AliasLab platform for managing the flow of communication via PEC

What it is

PecOrchestrator is a modular platform for comprehensive management of incoming and outgoing PEC communications and PEC domain of any of the boxes on encrypted channels (SSL), in full compliance with applicable regulations.

Thanks to its flexibility, PecOrchestrator allows you to make any necessary adjustments to account for possible changes in the intervening legislation.

Key Features

1. Dispach of Massive PEC messages

PecOrchestrator allows the client application to make a request for sending messages. In each message, the request shall contain the identifier of the sender, for example:

  • body of the email
  • recipient’s email address
  • subject
  • list of attachments to recipient
2. Updates and outcomes of PEC items

PecOrchestrator allows the client application to make a request in order to receive updates and outcomes of PEC items. Its interface returns a list of all the messages related to the client’s request, each with its own updated status:

  • processed -> the message was sent
  • accepted -> the message has been taken over by the provider’s server PEC of the sender. Attests to the time of shipment and the consignee.
  • delivered -> the message has been delivered to the provider PEC of the recipient. Attests to the delivery date and time of delivery and content delivered.
  • failed -> the message has not been accepted or delivered
3. Monitoring

PecOrchestrator allows you to monitor the application by requesting simple URL. This allows for easy integration with enterprise monitoring systems. It provides on demand:

  • information about the service: this interface returns the information to the application’s base of operation. It is used to check the accessibility of the node from the network tools such as balancers
  • status of the service: probes for internal monitoring and control of external functions


The functionality of the system is accessed through a set of services based on standard technology (eg. SOAP), used by the most popular programming codes​​.

Software features and certified platforms

  • Developed in J2EE technology, it can actually run on any system where there is a Java Virtual Machine
  • Server for physical or virtual softwares
  • Installation at the company mode (On Premise) or being used by the remote mode (In the Cloud)

Avaible Solution

PecOrchestrator can be purchased in the following ways:

  • Appliance. Involves the supply of a turnkey package including hardware standard rack-mountable components in the redundant power, disk, network, and software.
  • Virtual appliance. Includes the provision of a virtual image in VMWare format. The operating system is provided on the distribution of RedHat Enterprise Linux Server. Jboss application server.
  • Software appliance. It allows the supply of the software only (application server and application).