User Benefits

All the SecureCall Enterprise benefits, plus:

  • Even more innovative and natural user experience. Your voice is your identity

Business Benefits

All the SecureCall Enterprise benefits, plus:

  • further and higher standards of safety. Adding a third factor recognition (something the user is in addition to what he knows and owns)
  • innovative support for the identification of the user accessing a call center services

SecureCall Biometric

The third factor, speaker recognition

The voice print of a human being is unique and differs based on the physiology of the vocal apparatus.

The recognition of the speaker’s timbre, tone and speed is one of the techniques used for the user’s authentication via biometric voice parameters.

SecureCall Biometric therefore adds an additional factor, the biometric voice one to the authentication normally carried out by SecureCall Enterprise.

What is it

An add-on module that enables authentication via three identifying factors: user ID, MSISDN and voice recognition.

3 Factors + 2 Channels

SecureCall Biometric adds an additional factor – the speaker recognition- to the standard SecureCall strong authentication process.

What for

  • Call center
  • Web sensitive transactions
  • Tablet and Smartphone Apps

How it works

SecureCall Biometric utilizes the speaker’s voice recognition as an upgrade and an evolution of standard SecureCall Strong Authentication Out-of-Band. Three ways of recognition:

  1. User verification or authentication: validation of the identity declared by the user, using the features extracted from his voice. The comparison is 1:1
  2. User identification: identification of an unknown voice in a database of known voice prints.The comparison is 1: N
  3. Voice recognition: process by which the human oral language is processed and acknowledged.

Authentication phases

  • Enrollment: While recording the voice of users reading a text, it creates a mathematical statistical model called “Voiceprint” or “Voice Print”.
  • Verification: The validity of the user’s identity by 1:1 comparison

User’s tools

  • PC connected to the web and/or Tablet
  • Mobile phone
  • GSM/UMTS/LTE network

Distinctive Features

  • Text dependent, prompted text, text Independent
  • OEM agreement with the market leader Nuance
  • Native integration with other internationally recognized biometric voice analysis engines


  • SecureCall Biometric
    3 safety factors. It uses the voice recognition tool as an enhancement of the SecureCall Strong Authentication Out-of-Band.
  • SecureCall Enquire
    Stop identity theft. SecureCall Enquire geolocates the user's mobile phone (on country base) and detects if the SIM card has been replaced.