User Benefits

All the SecureCall Enterprise, plus:

  • geographic information to locate the potential fraudster

Business Benefits

All the SecureCall Enterprise, plus:

  • increased defense against various types of fraud (not just on the WEB but also geographical)
  • geographic information can be used (where permitted by the customs and local regulations) to profile users for the benefit of commercial and marketing requirements

SecureCall Enquire

Thanks to its interconnection with the mobile network, SecureCall Enquire allows you to identify any international roaming of a mobile phone. All phones can be immediately localized in terms of international roaming (service availability should be checked according to the Country as it depends on local regulations).

What is it

Additional module that allows you to check:

The location of the phone, and if:

  • the phone is on
  • the phone is on the national territory
  • in which country the phone is roaming

Possible uses in the banking sector


  • The bank receives a request from a customer’s credit cards regarding a payment or ATM withdrawal in a given country. SecureCall Enquire, activated by the bank, locates the mobile phone associated to that specific customer to whom the credit card belongs to. If the two geographic information do not match (for example, the card appears to be in use in USA, while Mr. Smith mobile is located in Italy), the bank can activate any appropriate anti-fraud additional checks.


  • SecureCall Biometric
    3 safety factors. It uses the voice recognition tool as an enhancement of the SecureCall Strong Authentication Out-of-Band.
  • SecureCall Enquire
    Stop identity theft. SecureCall Enquire geolocates the user's mobile phone (on country base) and detects if the SIM card has been replaced.