User Benefits

  • No extra tools to carry around
  • Easy business experience, as simple as a phone call
  • No computer skills required
  • Real and perceived high level of security

Business Benefits

  • Maximum security currently available in the field of Strong Authentication
  • No cost of logistics
  • Low running costs
  • No software to install or deploy by the end users
  • Independent from the mobile operator
  • Independent from the mobile phone
  • Support for personalized voice or text messaging

SecureCall Enterprise

What it is

SecureCall Strong Authentication is the base implementation that combines 2 factors and 2 channels to prevent the most advanced techniques of computer fraud.

How it works

It turns the user mobile phone into a physical token in order to authenticate the user’s identity during online transactions. 

2 Factors + 2 Channels

Unlike the standard two factors applications, SecureCall Enterprise adds extra layers of security combining two factors (PC, mobile phone), the two channels (TLC network, data network) to transmit the login credentials.


SecureCall platform can be implemented in two ways:

  • Private Cloud by customer premises
  • Full Cloud, at a Data Center accessible worldwide

The platform can interface with existing applications both locally and remotely using standard IP protocols such as HTTP / HTTPS, JDBC and Web Services. The platform connects to the telephone network via SS7 and/or ISDN links. The interface to the SS7 signalling provides a telco grade collateral security for sensitive transactions while ensuring maximum functionality and usability.

What for

User Strong Authentication to access confidential information and protect sensitive transactions. 

User’s tools

  • PC connected to the WEB
  • mobile phone
  • GSM/UMTS/LTE network

Distinctive Features

  • Freedom: Any organizations can customize its own user experience
  • Multilingual voice guidance support: individual user actions (IVR optional)

  • Autonomy: ability to provision the service independently from the WEB, the branch or other points of service


  • SecureCall Biometric
    3 safety factors. It uses the voice recognition tool as an enhancement of the SecureCall Strong Authentication Out-of-Band.
  • SecureCall Enquire
    Stop identity theft. SecureCall Enquire geolocates the user's mobile phone (on country base) and detects if the SIM card has been replaced.