Operator Benefits

  • Customer loyalty
  • Managing and updating strategic database marketing
  • Knowledge of the client and his or her profile
  • Knowledge of its habits and preferences
  • Management of targeted campaigns
  • Involvement of the largest virtual community

Customer Benefits

  • Receive more services (loyalty points, fast and secure payments, awards, etc.).
  • Earn and redeem loyalty points at any point in the circuit

WhoWhat Fidelity

To reward and retain customers

WhoWhat Fidelity is the AliasLab application that meets the request of managing and supplying loyalty services (rewards points, instant-win, etc.) by merchants with one or more account.

What it is

It’s a system composed of integrated software modules that allow you to manage loyalty programs, instant-win and payments.

What it is for

Making the time of purchase more enjoyable, retain customers, create a database of users and store information about purchasing behaviour.

How it works

Using the electronic card – POS – web circuit, it records payment transactions in shops and stores the information in a database accessible both by the cardholder and the company through a web portal.


  • Smart Card
  • Mobile Phone
  • Internet Network

Technological Infrastructure

Possibility of acquisition in SaaS mode and operating lease.

Dedicated to

Thanks to its modularity, ease of installation and low cost of ownership this AliasLab system can be used:

  • Locally for a single merchant (Single Account)
  • In remote for multi-merchant circuits (Multi-Account)

The Web Portal

It is the most important value-added services perceptible by the cardholder.
In fact, the portal can be integrated with a variety of information and endless features:

  • Query regarding loyalty points
  • List of available prizes
  • List of stores and opening hours


I Products

  • WhoWhat Fidelity
    It is the system composed by integrated software modules that allow you to manage loyalty programs, instant-win and payments.
  • WhoWhat Proximity
    It is the modular solution that can analyze the scene of interest to collect information for marketing purposes.