• Modular and customizable
  • Easy installation and integration with legacy systems
  • Control costs by purchasing yearly licenses
  • Real-time fruition of data, both locally and via web

WhoWhat Proximity

Detects. Counts. Processes.
AliasLab enacts a new strategy.

Knowing your customers, their habits, purchasing power and frequency, is the key element for building more effective and targeted marketing strategies.

What it is

WhoWhat Proximity is the AliasLab modular solution that analyzes the area of interest in order to collect information for commercial purposes, such as supporting customer care strategies, storing the daily number of people and profiling customers according to their behaviour, outlay, frequency.

How it works

Through a system of optical or thermal sensors, it detects and analyzes events like entrance and exit, profiling users according to fixed categories (gender, age, ethnicity), in full respect of privacy.


WhoWhat Proximity consists of three independent units that can co-exist:

  • Events/behaviours counting Unit

Cameras with optical or thermal sensors will allow you to count the entrance and exit of customers on site.

  • User profiling Unit

It allows you to segment the users according to predefined categories (gender, age, ethnicity).

  • RFID Unit

It allows the identification of loyalty cards holders: a remote antenna will detect the microchip inside the card, and store frequency and permanence data of each individual user for statistical purposes.


All recorded data can be seen in real-time both locally and on the web via restricted access.


  • Infrastructure in dedicated LAN or WAN
  • Cameras with optical or thermal sensors
  • RFID Antennas
  • Radiofrequency Cards

Fields of application

  • Malls
  • Supermarkets
  • Airports
  • Shops
  • Areas of Entertainment


  • WhoWhat Fidelity
    It is the system composed by integrated software modules that allow you to manage loyalty programs, instant-win and payments.
  • WhoWhat Proximity
    It is the modular solution that can analyze the scene of interest to collect information for marketing purposes.