SecureCall and QR Code

SecureCall can be used both by means of call to the toll-free number, or by means of QR Code.

The QR Code has the role guide in an automatic authentication procedure, in fact, this may contain, in addition to the toll free number, even the session OTP or the number of IBAN of the recipient (in the case of transaction). There is therefore no need to use the phone pad, but you just scan the QR Code with your enabled mobile (Enrolled).

We take for example the case of a generic login page.

The user accesses the portal by providing his username and password (something you know). Once logged into, the server in charge of managing the authentication process generates a QR Code (two-dimensional barcode) in which the OTP is stored in encrypted form to be used during the transaction; at this point the user scan with the camera of his mobile phone the QR Code (speaker and encrypted) using an application previously installed (something you have). The scan leads the user to his personal homepage . In this case there is no need to type in the phone number or enter the session OTP, but only use the QR code.

This implies an intuitive user experience and a more simpleĀ and fast procedure.