The AliasLab Strong Authentication Out-of-Band solution against fraud: just make a call

Have you ever thought that your cell phone may be the safest and most effective tool against online fraud?

The mobile phone is for sure the most popular electronic product, with the most common standard and able to identify one’s identity in everyday life.

SecureCall is the two or more factors and two channels product for Strong Authentication capable of preventing numerous types of computer fraud such as, for example, phishing, botnets, man in the middle and man in the browser, key-logger, etc…

SecureCall uses the simplicity of a mobile call plus the telephone infrastructure (GSM/UMTS/LTE) to ensure secure online transactions against fraud.

It is ideal to authenticate users who need access to restricted areas such as, for example, the web banking, Mobile App, the corporate intranet, ATMs, as well as various types of Identity Access Manager platforms. SecureCall is also a useful compendium to modern systems of fraud management (eg. Banking, insurance and telephone) where additional modules SecureCall Biometric (speaker recognition) and SecureCall Enquire (roaming geo-localization) can provide additional useful score risk parameters.

SecureCall and your mobile: how it works

SecureCall allows users to authenticate themselves by making a simple call from their mobile phone. They are recognized by the MSISDN (phone number of their mobile phone), a unique identifier that identifies a user belonging to a specific mobile network. The solution works with any mobile devicedoes not require the installation of any application on the phone, SIM or PC.

More safety: 2 or more Factors + 2 Channels

When talking about Strong Authentication, it is necessary that the user authentication process consider at least two factors to identify the user. SecureCall introduces new security levels capitalising more factors for the identification and more channels, the so called Out-of-Band Strong Authentication.


What does two channels mean?

The phone is not only a personal tool and the identifier of a user, but it also allows the user to take advantage of an additional and different channel to transfer data and sensitive information (eg. OTP, PIN, etc …): the telephone channel. The combination of two different channels – web + TLC network – makes the Strong Authentication system even more secure, because it is extremely difficult to compromise two channels at the same time.


What does two (or more) factors mean?

Factors are those data used to identify the user. In particular, SecureCall manages the use of different factors to authenticate the user, here some examples:

  1. user ID such as a PIN (something you know)
  2. MSISDN identifier of the user (something you have, such as your mobile number)
  3. User’s voice, available with the SecureCall Biometric module (something you are)


  • SecureCall Biometric
    3 safety factors. It uses the voice recognition tool as an enhancement of the SecureCall Strong Authentication Out-of-Band.
  • SecureCall Enquire
    Stop identity theft. SecureCall Enquire geolocates the user's mobile phone (on country base) and detects if the SIM card has been replaced.