WhoWhat is the innovative Aliaslab solution
for the fidelity and proximity marketing fields

Fidelity & Proximity Marketing. Knowing your customers increases the likelihood of purchase. In an era where products and services to the public have increased, knowing the request, the habits and the type of customers in detail has become a key factor to implement and support credible and effective marketing strategies.

New technologies, combined with the already established media can be a valuable aid to study the habits of customers in a specific area of ​​interest (shops, banks, airports, etc.).

AliasLab suggestion

WhoWhat Fidelity and WhoWhat Proximity are the two modular and scalable solutions for the “study of the scene”, that analyze and profile daily costumers from a more “general purpose” up to a closer view. In detail, they analyze the frequency of purchase and permanence on site, allowing the segmentation by ethnicity, gender and age.

How they works

The microchip in the loyalty card (WhoWhat Fidelity) or the optical/temperature sensors (WhoWhat Proximity) detect the movement of people, absorb data and send them to an online database that generates statistics based on fixed parameters.

All data can be consulted on site, at the store and on the web for more freedom of action.


  • WhoWhat Fidelity
    It is the system composed by integrated software modules that allow you to manage loyalty programs, instant-win and payments.
  • WhoWhat Proximity
    It is the modular solution that can analyze the scene of interest to collect information for marketing purposes.